Vision Descriptors

To SSRC Members: Please post your proposed description sentences for each of the Vision components listed below.

Pose and pursue substantive questions

(Answer questions to identify patterns/connections between ideas/disciplines; Evaluate the quality of different information
sources; analyze "why" certain information matters; design and conduct research on pivotal topics; synthesize diverse and contradictory
information; develop a prediction/hypothesis and procedure, test it, interpret the data, then make recommendations.) - JD

Create opportunities that tap their unique interests, passions and curiosities

(Design and conduct an independent study or participate in a college course in an area of strength; showcase an artistic talent or
technology literacy; perform a meaningful community service; pursue internships or apprenticeships; enter a regional or national
competition; take risks in pursuing learning in an area where no curriculum exists.) - JD

Explore define and solve complex problems

(Break down a problem into components with different causes and effect; show how changing a component in a system affects the other
parts of a system; apply academic learning to real world problems whether political, economic, social or scientific; explain the
reasoning behind testing an idea and analyze the results; develop multiple, alternative or blended solutions.) - JD

Generate innovative, creative ideas and products

(Develop a divergent historical/literary perspective; test a self-taught quantitative/scientific/technical method or create an
unique artistic expression; extrapolate something new from others' contributions to create a new iteration/combination that improves on
existing body of work; create a work product having ideas/solutions from different fields of study intersect.) - JD

Advocate for ideas, causes, and actions

(Demonstrate an independent point of view with supporting evidence; defend contrarian viewpoints in public setting; understand the other
side's position, then negotiate and reach compromise; convince work team to try your idea.) - JD

Communicate effectively for a given purpose

(Define an end result, match the message to the audience and select appropriate mode of information sharing; make persuasive public
speaking and written narrative/expository presentations; discern the optimum timing of the communication and anticipate audience
responses.) - JD

Seek feedback from one's intended audience and adjust communication as appropriate. SSE

Conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner

(Meet expectations; do no harm in personal behavior to oneself or others; make informed judgments about health and safety; create strong
relationships in the school community, build self-awareness; establish efficient work patterns.) - JD
Make and keep commitments to others. Behave as one wishes all others would in the same circumstance(s). SSE

Respond to failures and successes with reflection and resilience

(Identify the positive and negative contributing factors to personal results and make a plan to meet a future challenge; persist in a task
that is difficult until it becomes easier; actively seek guidance from GHS staff; demonstrate a willingness to take risks, e.g., challenging
courses, divergent thinking, experimentation, inventive projects.) -JD

Collaborate with others to produce a unified work and/or heightened understanding

(Teach and be taught by peers; develop ability to work in a team by sharing information, dividing tasks equitably and making joint
decisions; produce a quality product that integrates the tasks/work of a team.) - JD
Practice active listening and seek clarification of others' positions/ideas. Build on others' ideas. Analyze group's process and suggest more effective ways of working together as appropriate. Help group come to consensus. SSE

Recognize and respect other cultural contexts and points of view

(Seek a first-hand knowledge and personal connection to other cultures and perspectives; consider similarities as well as differences between
cultural/governmental/social/economic structures; explore a wider range of opinions/contexts with peers in other parts of the world.) -JD

Examine one's own biases and work to overcome them. SSE