Recommended Readings
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States Team for High School Makeover with Eye Toward "21st Century Skills"

NY Times article, Feb. 23, 2009 "The 3 R's? A Fourth is Crucial, Too: Recess" - report on a new study linking recess to better classroom behavior (even in middle school students).

NY Times article, Feb. 25, 2009 "They Stand When Called Upon, and When Not" - schools in mid-west are using standing desks in classrooms and finding better learning (and less fidgeting) - and doing study to prove it.

NY Times article, Feb. 17, 2009 by Max Roosevelt: **Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes**

"School as Inquiry," in the October 2008 Phi Delta Kappan, pp. 115 - 122.

NY Times opinion page, 10/12: on cheating in high school (relating to “ethics”)

NY Times op-ed by Thomas Friedman today, 10/15, also relating to “ethics”, and to “global” entitled “Why How Matters”

Education Week 10/14 – Defining “Gifted” and discussing developing giftedness:

NY Times 10/ll – “Putting Technology in Its Place” as part of the Times’ “lesson plans” on-line section:

Whatever it Takes: How Professional Learning Committees Respond When Kids Don't Learn. Authors: Dufour, Eaker, Karhanek Copyright 2004 Solution Tree
This book challenges readers' personal values about student learning. Readers must decide if they truly believe that all children have the right to learn. If so, then what must occur to have this happen. The book is an easy read. It contains chapters specific to elementary and high schools and provides real case studies of schools that did respond in unique ways when their students did not learn.

Important YouTube video from University of Kansas "A Vision of Students Today"